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Had the chance to re-test their extracts at a local university for the purposes of my own business. Good to go! Henri has been extremely helpful along the way.


I have been using Mighty Fungi's products for more than 2 weeks and I am very happy with them. What I mostly loved was that it was easier to survive with their Lion's Mane during my decaf week. ... I had been using different brands, but Mighty Fungi's lion's mane worked best for me.

Tateki Matsuda

I am very happy that I found you guys. I was lost searching for the best product out there and after going into detail with you I am very confident about your work.


Amazing extracts, I ve ordered a pack of Cordyceps for myself and my husband... now we are full of energy day and night, if you know what i mean 😈


What they claim is what they seem to be. No fancy titles, just honest products that work. Me and my friends have been with them for two years now and will keep going!


"My #1 natural compound for boosting brain health is Lion's Mane for its effects on brain cell growth, neuroplasticity and nerves. I use it almost every day and think it's good for both cognitive performance as well as mental longevity. "
Siim Land - biohacker, speaker, writer

Mighty Fungi vegan product
Mighty Fungi gluten free product
Mighty Fungi alcohol free product
Mighty Fungi GMO free
Mighty Fungi additive free
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Cordyceps Extract - Physical Energy, Life Force, Motivation Lions Mane Extract - Focus, Memory, Learning Red Reishi - Detox, Sleep, Digestion Four Mushroom Complex - Natural Multivitamin Chaga - Antioxidant, Immune Support

Mighty Fungi

Best of legal mushrooms

Our extracts are produced to the highest quality standards & have some of the highest concentrations of all researched active compounds. This makes our extracts some of the most potent mushroom supplements in the world. Researched, proven, tested.

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