Our Fantastic Four – the Four Mushroom Complex!

We created a product that contains four of the world’s most widely researched & potent medicinal mushrooms in a single blend. This mushroom complex includes Reishi, Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus), Cordyceps & Chaga. 

Why choose to take them all together instead of trying them one at a time? If you have done your research and know you are looking for the benefits of one specific mushroom, then of course – take them one at a time. But taking them all together also has its advantages.  

These mushrooms have many common benefits. All of them are rich in antioxidants, polysaccharides & beta glucans. All of them provide excellent immune support, promote digestive health & raise your energy levels. All of them have anti-inflammatory properties & are considered adaptogenic herbs which help restore the body’s natural balanced state. 

If you choose to take these mushrooms together as a blend you will enjoy the same benefits, but they will be created by far more diverse mechanisms. This means the change created in the body is also more far-reaching & comprehensive. 

Lions Mane improves your ability to focus. Cordyceps raises your physical activity. Reishi helps cleanse your body & improves quality of sleep. Chaga keeps your immune system strong throughout the year. 

Consuming these medicinal mushrooms as a blend is a great way to ensure you are constantly healthy, energetic, focused and ready to enjoy life!

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