Feeling uneasy when thinking about work? Is this the end of all motivation? Here’s how to recover from burnout…

You might have reached a moment where pushing against your limits no longer works. Luckily, there are some simple lifestyle changes that will allow you to overcome this low point quickly.

  • Are thoughts alone causing you exhaustion?
  • Does replying to emails create resistance?
  • Does it feel like the end of your career and inspiration?
  • The passion of life has suddenly disappeared and you think that's it?
  • Are you wondering if you should completely change the direction of your life?

These issues are familiar to us and, to be honest, we repeatedly come across them nearly every year. We have realized that this is not the end of the world, and in fact it’s quite easy to deal with these situations.

You are likely to be a very passionate and ambitious person who enjoys a cutting-edge lifestyle. However, living a life like this is a very energy-intensive process, and the tide of victory inevitably always comes to an end at some point.


You may have been at the top of your life one day, but a day later you feel:

  • Tired and powerless
  • Unsure about what happened
  • Restless and anxious, unable to excuse yourself or others

At this point, the first reaction is to force ourselves to work even harder. Stop communicating with loved ones. One coffee becomes five. We start to think maybe we have depression, difficulty concentrating or ADHD? This is followed by Xanax, Ritalin and antidepressants. (Yes - this happened to us, too!)


All this is completely unnecessary. Here are 5 easy ways to get out of it:

  1. You're tired, so you have to rest and that's okay.

The title says it all. You just gave your all for months straight and achieved a lot more than the people around you. It's a great feeling, but at some point we inevitably get tired as energy runs out.

The lazier you allow yourself to be now, the faster you’ll recover. Be gentle with yourself. People are naturally very motivated, so if you are no longer motivated, you need to rest. That's totally fine!


  1. Understand your work process

Some successful people only work periodically. They experience intense influxes of inspiration in their lives that end abruptly. The particularly extreme version of this is cyclothymia. It is a very lean subtype of bipolar disorder. If you take into account the rhythm, it does not really disturb a person's daily life and allows them to fulfill their biggest goals very successfully!

People are different. Some are able to work stably all year round. I can't do that. Today, I see that doing nothing from time to time is an integral part of my work process. I enjoy the madness of work, but I can also enjoy the "forced leave" that comes later. It is your job to understand yourself.


  1. Ask yourself, are you doing the right thing?

Analyze your daily routine - ask yourself, how did you get to the evening? Did you enjoy your work day or did you simply exchange time for money? Did you wake up anxious during the weekdays or go to bed with anxiety for the following day?

Everyday life consists of many small things. Small changes in routine lead to a large increase in the quality of life. We realize that you might currently have very little strength to contribute to anything at all, but we suggest doing something small that makes you happy on a daily basis.


  1. Food, movement, sleep, quality human relationships

Nutrition - We are not going to sell you a nutrition or exercise plan here. When burnt out, the story is very simple - cook for yourself, choose fresh food over processed food. You know what is good and what is really bad for your body.

Exercise - pay attention to how much stamina you have. Don't force yourself into a workout routine. Walking once a day is also a good step forward.

Sleep - Take time to sleep and if possible, forget the alarm clock. You are tired. Sleep as long as you can, whenever you can. Don't even worry about falling asleep for days!

High-quality human relationships - you can't work right now anyway. Take time for friends and family. Ask them how they are doing. Open yourself and go do something nice with them.


  1. Support your recovery with quality and well-chosen supplements

This is where our star product Level Up really shines. While giving you plenty of extra energy, it is by no means an energy drink. Instead, it gives you the necessary vitamins, minerals and all other building blocks your body needs to make itself feel good & energised!

This is our offer, but our goal is not to sell you anything. Read and discover:

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If you are paying attention to the aspects of your life and feel that the supplements could be helpful, give them a try. If you implement the first recommendations, you will definitely get back on your feet soon!


In our lives this is the annual cycle.

We can do an entire year’s worth of work in three months, but after that we have to take the rest of the year more easily. It is no longer a burnout, but an inevitable part of life.

We know from experience that this is not easy to deal with. I would like to conquer the world at the same pace all the time.

But today we realize that in our lives and in the lives of many others, work is done in such cycles. Especially amongst very successful and creative people.


Enjoy this time, relax and take care of the foundations of your life!

If you choose to follow our recommendations, we believe that in a few weeks you will be in a whole new place!

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We wish you a fierce journey!

Henri and Taavid