Epic summer bundle: Level Up + Sleep 2.0
Epic summer bundle: Level Up + Sleep 2.0
Epic summer bundle: Level Up + Sleep 2.0
Epic summer bundle: Level Up + Sleep 2.0

Epic summer bundle: Level Up + Sleep 2.0

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Epic summer bundle: Level Up + Sleep 2.0

Special offer at an insane price! Save 40% or over 44 EUR!

3 years ago we found supplements that eventually became an inspiration for Level Up and Sleep 2.0

This resulted in my best summer yet. 

I was productive like never before and while doing that, I had the ability to plan my time in a way that made then entire summer feel like one long holiday. 

Results? Our local brand was thriving and I created Mighty Fungi + one more new business. Work was finished before lunch and I could enjoy the summer. 

Sleep 2.0 and Level Up will cover all of your daily & nightly needs to ensure you are always focused, motivated & in a good mood. 

Of course, summer is a time for holidays. But that is exactly why you should make sure you are always motivated & feeling great. This is a beautiful time that passes quickly. You should make sure you can enjoy both work and free time to the fullest. 

This is the complete set of supplements to ensure:

  • That you are at peak mental performance at all times
  • That you have the quality sleep you need to recover, feel refreshed and ready to tackle each and every day at your best!

These are the only two supplements you will ever need. You can empty the rest of the cupboard to make space for high quality food!

Level Up is an all-in-one solution for a person who wants to be in top mental shape. This drink combines our world-class mushroom extracts with all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids important to the brain to help you be the best version of yourself now.

    Sleep 2.0 is the most potent and versatile sleep aid supplement you can find. This unique blend combines our world class Reishi & Lion's Mane extracts with the top selection of vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts to help you fall asleep fast and ensure deep, quality sleep. 

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    How are we different?

    We at Mighty Fungi are dedicated to the highest quality possible & we mean it. All our extracts are thoroughly tested by third party labs for all active compounds, the tests are public and we have record breaking results! This means that you are getting the most out of all scientifically proven benefits of the mushrooms. There is no other company on the planet that takes care of their product quality the way we do.

    Which mushroom should I choose?

    We’ll keep it short here:

    Lion’s Mane
    - if you want to improve focus, clarity of mind and mental performance.
    Cordyceps - if you want to boost your daily energy levels and physical performance.
    Reishi - If you want improve the quality of your sleep and detox your body.

    When’s the best time to dose?

    We recommend to take your capsules or powder after breakfast. But you can take it any time that’s most comfortable for you.

    How long does it take to “feel it”?

    Sensitive people feel the effects after a few days of use. Usually, you will feel it in a few weeks. In some cases, it can take up to 1,5 months to feel the full benefits.

    What results & benefits can I expect?

    Every mushroom has its unique benefits, so make sure you read more about the extract you choose to order. As a general rule, most people who take our extracts experience at least some of the following:

    - Improved focus
    - Calmer state of mind
    - More energy throughout the day
    - Improved mood
    - Improved quality of sleep
    - Stronger immune system
    - You won’t fall ill as often

    For most people, adaptogenic mushrooms do not give an “instant effect”. The effects become more pronounced over time and are 100% sustainable for your body.

    How long should I use your extracts for?

    You should add them to your menu and keep them there. The effects become more pronounced over time. You will not build a tolerance for these mushrooms. Instead, your body learns to harness their potential even more. If it makes you feel better and is 100% sustainable for your body - why should you stop using it?

    Can I combine different extracts?

    Yes, you can. For the best improvement in energy, focus and motivational support combine Lion’s Mane & Cordyceps.

    What if I am not happy with the results?

    We have a 90 day money back guarantee. Unconditional, no questions asked.

    90 day money-back guarantee

    Unconditional, no questions asked!
    We believe in our products and want you to do the same! If you are not happy with the product after a few weeks of using it, let us know and we will be happy to refund you.
    You can’t lose!