6 types of mushroom extracts you MUST avoid! Why? Let's explain

The world of mushroom extracts has become incredibly complex and full of marketing tricks, misleading advertising and false claims. 

Most established companies out there today are selling ineffective extracts at an enormous price. Let's have a look at a few options that are NOT worth your time or money and along the way learn what you need to be looking out for to find the right product.

Let’s have a look at what the biggest, most famous and acclaimed brands have to offer then.

1. Avoid all mycelium products, especially the ones from the US! 

The US has acquired a terrible reputation in the world of mushroom extracts because some companies are selling mycelium biomass as something that might benefit your health. If the package says "mycelium biomass" or "Other ingredients - Myceliated Brown Rice" anywhere, then this is your #1 do-not-buy sign!

These extracts taste just like brown rice flour and you are paying a heavy price for a product that would be better used for making pancakes. Even if this product claims to have any polysaccharides, you can rest assured most of it is coming from the rice. 

2. Any products that say "Cordyceps sinensis"

This is simply a lie. Cordyceps sinensis is extremely rare and currently valued at 24 000 EUR/kg. So if you wanted to buy a pack of Cordyceps sinensis capsules, it would have to cost a minimum of 900 EUR. A "cordyceps sinensis" claim means they brands either don't care or don't know what they are saying.

3. Mushroom powders

It is common knowledge that powders are not bioavailable and you might just eat cellulose as the “best new thing” in your diet. The cell walls of these mushrooms need to be softened by extraction before they can have any effect on you.

As much as the three first options are extremely profitable business decisions, they do little to provide any health benefits.

4. 1:1 Hot water extracts (most common)

While often being very proud about being pure & organic, these brands are mostly presenting their lack of quality as a “benefit”. It’s amazing what you can find if you can read into what these brands are saying.

What is a 1:1 hot water extract?  This is a two step process, where they boiled the mushrooms to increase bioavailablity, but then mix in & sell you all of the stuff that was meant to be thrown out in the first place. These extracts CAN have moderate amounts of beta glucans which offer immune support, but have negligible amounts of the compounds these mushrooms are famous for.

5. Extracts without test results to prove anything

There are seemingly potent extracts out there, but they lack any viable proof. There is no test results. Instead there is a huge amount of "scientific research" and in-depth "proof of the potential" of their products. Which is really the #1 thing I would recommend to stay away from. Paying a blogger to compile a bunch of scientific facts to appear knowledgeable is a good way to sell low end products at a premium price. 

6. Extracts that have proof, but score low

This is the expensive one. There are a few producers out there that have in-depth statistics about the actual content of their products and this may seem very convincing. These extracts usually come in at a superhuman price point of 60-100 EUR per pack. Make sure to check the amounts displayed in the test results are actually worthy of your investment. In most cases this is not the case.

Do you want your time & money to be spent on someone else's marketing efforts or the actual benefits these extracts can offer your life? 

So then, what are we doing differently?

We do not sell mycelium biomass or mushroom powders. Our extracts are heavily concentrated due to advanced extraction methods. Our extracts have been tested by independent, third party labs for all of the most famous and researched active substituents in these mushrooms & scored significantly higher than any other company in most aspects. We have understood the research, seen what others are offering and spent our efforts on actually finding the best product.

The supplement industry is a great place for marketing low-end products to unaware consumers at a high-end price. I decided to write this article to say - please read. It will usually take 1-3 minutes to understand that most of the brands out there & their products are not worth your time & money. These brands are built around hiding their biggest flaws behind random related facts or the flaws are even presented as a “proof of high quality”. It is not.  

And now the marketing sentence: Get Yours Now!
But seriously - if you are considering mushroom supplements at all, we offer some of the best extracts out there. I am saying this from a very sincere place of caring for your goals & time.