About us

What is Mighty Fungi and who are the people behind it?
I believe there are two different & very important answers here. So let's start with the official statement and then go into who we actually are and what defines this brand.

In short, Mighty Fungi is the fastest growing natural supplement brand in Estonia, now launching worldwide. The brand that once started as a solo project has now grown into a “family” dedicated to the idea. From production to the customer experience we always strive for excellence & a personal touch.

Exceptional quality. Third party tests prove that we have the highest quality products in the world. We source organic materials and thanks to advanced extraction methods are able to provide the most potent extracts out there. The ability to do so does not come from 50+ years experience in mycology but rather an ability to read into the information that is already there. We have uncompromised dedication to creating a product that actually has the biggest impact on your performance & health.

Our team is dedicated to creating a very modern work environment. Every part of Mighty Fungi from design, to packaging or sales is managed by people who are very good friends. We have no strict working hours and everybody is allowed to contribute when & how they please. This has turned a "business" into a mission we all share and care for. We have now become a world class brand, while having fun in every part of the process.

Now since you made it this far & are still reading, let's get more personal

Mighty Fungi is currently run by three people - Henri, Mari-Liis and Dana. We are extremely active in all areas of life. We are festival & event organizers - from sold out underground events all the way up to producing high level hybrid events, we have done it. We have over 10 years of experience in nutrition & fitness. We are musicians. We have spent years studying asian cultures, religions and ayurvedic medicine. Our rich experiences have brought us here - running 3 supplement brands. 

Why should we trust you if you are not professional mycologists? That is exactly why. We are people just like you with a very good skill of critical reading. The information for making the best product is easy to find and most "science based" brands are simply ignoring it. Why would they ignore that? It's good business.

A mycologist naturally wants mushrooms to be the answer and will go to great lengths to prove that. Also, being a mycologist does not equate to being an ethical businessman. We are unbiased. That being said, we still do have years of experience with medicinal mushrooms, are very aware of every part of the process & constantly in touch with the world's leading experts.

When we test out products, we ask a very simple question - does this product give me the benefits that I am looking for? If yes, then do independent test results also score high and prove I am not experiencing a placebo?

These extracts have given us significantly more energy, improved our focus and are actually assisting us to live the full life you just read about. While the world has been walking around with masks on their face, we have not felt troubled by any disease.

And finally, to get even more personal, here is our list of biggest hopes & dreams, pains & fears. This is what defines us as people & the brand. The reason we are doing it is because these extracts have assisted us in facing these very weaknesses and achieving the dreams in this list. 

Our hopes & dreams:

  • We desire to grow, learn and improve! As passionate people, we believe life should always be about personal growth, learning and exploring one’s horizons. 
  • We are explorers - we want to go deep. We love to travel, have meaningful connections with friends & family and at the same time work hard to achieve success on our personal projects. 
  • We want to live a life full of freedom- creative freedom, personal freedom and financial freedom should be an essential part of life. 
  • We hope we are always able to seize the day - life is short. We want to use every possible means to make sure we are always ready for what life has in store. Which is why Mighty Fungi was born. 
  • We believe in dedication - being able to stop procrastinating & dedicate oneself fully to what’s important brings an enormous sense of fulfilment. We want to grow our ability to do so!
  • We hope that we are always able to adapt to the changing world - life is an exciting journey, if you are ready to participate.
  • We want to be superhuman, but also super-human - Yes, we are the achiever type. But we also know for sure, that in the end what matters is not the amount of titles and rewards but rather the journey and the meaningful connections we have made along the way. 

Our worst pains & fears. 

  • We struggle with menial, monotonous & routine tasks. Yes, we are also human - we also procrastinate & want to have less of it in the future!
  • We feel time is running out - It is hard for us to just sit back & relax. We want to make sure we are doing everything we can to improve our life. 
  • Working just to receive the paycheque is my worst fear - I would never want to trade my time for money. (Henri, CEO of Mighty Fungi)
  • We are afraid to lose our passion & mental sharpness as we get older. 
  • We fear that one day, looking back, we find that we did not achieve what we set to do and time has just passed. We do not want to just spend the time given to us, we want it to be worthwile!


If you feel this is something you resonate with, then we are looking forward to getting to know you & helping you achieve your personal goals!


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