World-famous biohacker Teemu Arina: "Mushrooms increase our mental capacity and protect our health"

The world-famous biohacker Teemu Arina is a long-time supporter of medicinal mushrooms

A few years ago, I came across the presentation of Teemu Arina, one of the most famous biohackers in the world. The next 45 minutes of conversation caught my attention and nailed me to my seat.

Teemu Arina is the organizer of the World Biohacker Summit in Finland. He is also the best-selling author of 'Biohackers Handbook - Upgrade Yourself And Unleash Your Inner Potential' and has been voted one of the best conference speakers in the world.

Teemu Arina has dedicated his life to researching the best ways to stay in shape and how to take care of his body as best as possible. 


The following article summarizes his book, various articles, and podcasts.

According to Teemu Arina, humans are genetically very similar to mushrooms. Indeed, fungi are genetically closer to humans than bacteria or plants. This means that the processes that take place in the bodies of both humans and mushrooms are similar, and therefore the useful compounds obtained from fungi are much easier for us to absorb than, for example, the compounds obtained from medicinal plants.

Fungi have a similarly functioning immune system. They have antibodies that protect them from external dangers, and by consuming mushrooms, this protection extends to us. Our immune system is able to protect us much more efficiently by consuming mushrooms. 

However, this is not the main reason why biohackers consume mushrooms on a daily basis. Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps have received a lot of attention around the world. Why? According to Arina, there are several good reasons for this:

  • Both fungi are adaptogens - they increase our mental capacity 

    Stimulants such as coffee and stronger nootropics increase performance momentarily, but are followed by a sharp decline. Adaptogens have only long-term positive effects as they increase your natural mental and physical capacity.

  • Both mushrooms reduce stress levels

    Stress is an important issue that we often overlook. All kinds of modern productivity tips and stimulants not only increase productivity, but simultaneously also increase stress levels. In order for today's fast-paced lifestyle to be sustainable, it is also important to think about reducing your stress levels.  

    Compounds in Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps reduce stress, inflammation and anxiety. This directly helps us to focus better and make better decisions on a daily basis. 

  • Lion’s Mane raises the level of nerve growth factor in the brain

    The most important active particles in Lion's Mane raise the levels of nerve growth factor and help create new neurons. This means that Lion's Mane protects the nervous system, helps repair damaged nerve particles, and improves new connections as well as learning ability. 

  • Cordyceps improves the body's use of oxygen

    This is why Cordyceps has long been athletes' favorite supplement. In addition, it significantly increases the level of physical energy (ATP). Cordyceps creates a desire to be more physically active and improves endurance. Because the brain uses exactly the same form of energy as our body, it is also very potent brain food.

  • Imagine how much more achievable your dreams will become now that your brain has all this new energy and new ways of using it. 

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    Will eating mushrooms turn me into a superhuman right away? 

    Scientific research and the experience of thousands of people have shown that our products are extremely potent supplements. Our extracts have the highest active ingredient content in the world according to the tests performed by an independent laboratory in the USA.


    We recommend approaching mushroom treatment as a long-term project. 

    The effect of the mushroom supplements grows stronger over time and reaches its full potential after a few months. Some more sensitive customers have written to us saying that they have clearly felt the effects of mushrooms after a few days, but this should not be your initial expectation. People usually start to notice the effects within two to three weeks.

    When investing in the stock market, the investor's goal is not to raise money and buy the new Iphone within 5 minutes of making the first investment. It is a process of long-term accumulation of value that will eventually grow into mountains of profit. Mushrooms are also a long-term investment, albeit in your body, productivity and health.

    Where to start?

    If this is your first time visiting our site, it's a good idea to start with Lion's Mane. It's the most well-known dietary supplement in the world and thoroughly researched by scientists to support the work of the brain.

    Do you prefer comfort? - Choose the capsules. Then again there’s almost 3 times more extract in the powder pack for almost the same price and you can use it while preparing food. ;) 

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    If you are already taking Lion's Mane, but wish to boost your energy in addition to clarity and better brain function, then we suggest taking Cordyceps too. This is without doubt the most powerful combo. 

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