Cordyceps - The Secret Weapon of the Gym?

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A carnivorous fungus that increases strength, endurance, motivation and daily energy levels.

Cordyceps is a fungus with a very peculiar appearance and an extremely strange life cycle. Cordyceps, which grows in the wild, infects live insects and feeds on their tissues. In the final moment of an insect's life, it makes them climb up a tree..

Next, the insect's head explodes and new 'Cordyceps babies' fall to the ground from where the insect's brains used to be. 

But don't worry - today all Cordyceps made for sale are grown in laboratories and they are also suitable for vegetarians. 

Cordyceps has become one of our most popular products, as consuming this extract significantly increases your daily energy levels. You can do more every day by taking Cordyceps! 

I spend most of my days working on the computer and so far I have been using the additional energy that Cordyceps produces for tasks that require lots of deep focus.

However, with the beginning of spring, I found myself becoming interested in sports again and decided to educate myself on Cordyceps once more. As it turns out Cordyceps is also a great tool for athletes of all levels!

So if you are currently going to the gym or doing any other sport, keep reading.. 

1 / Cordyceps increases ATP levels

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the most important source of energy for your brain and body. Your body uses ATP during all short, but strenuous activities. This means better performance at the gym while lifting weights, sprinting or jumping.

What does this mean for you? Let's say you're lifting weights at the gym. You do a heavy 7 reps and then the muscles refuse to cooperate. You can't handle any more.

You might think that the muscle is tired, but this is often not the case. In most cases it means that the body cannot produce ATP fast enough.

As your body's ATP levels rise, you will be able to lift more and for longer. If you can lift more and for longer, you will accelerate muscle growth and set new personal records.

2 / Cordyceps may increase testosterone levels 

Testosterone is essential for muscle growth. Several animal studies have shown that substances in Cordyceps stimulate the body's natural production of testosterone.

In ancient Chinese medicine this information was well known. 

Although they didn't have the tools of modern science and therefore didn't understand the exact benefits of the fungi, Cordyceps has also been used for all types of sexual health related issues. 

Plus, Cordyceps was recommended for anyone looking to achieve greater motivation, willpower and energy. 

Today we know that sexual health and daily energy levels go hand in hand. 

Higher testosterone levels accelerate muscle growth, increase general well-being and improve sexual health. So Cordyceps helps both you and your current or future significant other to become stronger and improve your love life!

3 / Cordyceps improves the body's use of oxygen

In simple language: Cordyceps reduces your suffering if you want to lose weight.

Chinese Olympic athletes Wang Junxia, Qu Junxia and Zhang Linli broke five world records at the 1993 Olympics. They passed all doping tests. According to them, their secret was the Cordyceps extract. A 2004 study shows that Cordyceps increases athletes' oxygen use up to 50 percent.

What does this mean for you?

By taking the Cordyceps supplement, you will be more resilient and tolerate aerobic exercise better. This means that you can now run, cycle and swim longer. 

In addition, a 1999 study found that Cordyceps has a valuable effect on the cardiovascular system, by raising beneficial cholesterol levels up to 25% and lowering harmful cholesterol levels by 10-20%. 

4 / Cordyceps significantly increases the body's energy levels

Cordyceps has been used as a stimulant for a millennia. Many users claim that this fungus provides a caffeine-like energy charge with no negative side effects.

Modern science says that the active ingredients in Cordyceps trigger the same receptors as caffeine, which as a result makes us feel much more energized. 

A 1993 study found that 92% of the people who had problems with persistent fatigue felt better after 30 days of using Cordyceps extract. 

5 / Summary

Ancient healers in oriental medicine used this fungus for thousands of years. But purely based on that, it's still early to call it a fact. 

Nowadays, even scientific researchers have confirmed that Cordyceps could benefit both health activists and elite athletes.


  • Raises ATP levels
  • May increase testosterone levels
  • Has a highly stimulating effect on sexual health
  • Allows you to train longer and more intensely
  • Significantly increases daily energy levels

You can benefit from taking this natural supplement if you want to gain muscle mass, lower your fat percentage or break new personal records.

I can tell you from personal experience that Cordyceps is also great for work that requires deep focus. 

Mighty Fungi's Cordyceps is the world's most thoroughly quality tested extract. The tests have been performed in an impartial laboratory in the USA and confirm that our extract contains a record amount of active ingredients.

So if you want to take your health, personal development and daily performance to a new level, try it out now!

The capsules are more convenient to take as they just require swallowing with water, however there is 3x more extract in the powder pack.

PS! If you do not exercise at all, we recommend taking a smaller dose than indicated on the package. Otherwise, after a few weeks of consumption, you may experience a rather restless feeling by having too much energy. If you are physically active, this is not going to be a problem.


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