You feel like your mind & focus are not as sharp as they used to? This new mushroom comes to the rescue.


Lions Mane, also know as Hericium erinaceus has quickly become the world's #1 natural brain & focus enchancing supplement!

  • Is it hard for you to focus for extended periods of time?
  • Your life has become stressful and you have started forgetting stuff?
  • You find it hard to remember all the new information at school or work?
  • You struggle to find motivation to begin working on large, important projects or ideas?

If any of the answers to these questions above was “yes”, then you should seriously consider adding this supplement to your diet. In recent years, Lions mane has become the worlds #1 natural nootropic. Nootropics are supplements that improve cognitive function, particularly memory, creativity & motivation.

Whether it is just age that is catching up to you or you have indulged in unhealthy behaviour in the past, a decline in cognitive abilities is natural. It can just be that you are stressed. 

This is what has probably happened:

  • Neuroplasticity has declined resulting in poor memory & learning abilities.
  • Neurotransmitters have declined resulting in anxiety, poor mood and depression.

This is a vicious cycle, because stress and anxiety are the #1 killers of neuroplasticity. 

So how exactly does this mushroom help you? Lion’s Mane is extremely effective at stimulating Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) in the brain. NGF is a protein that plays a major role in the maintenance, survival and regeneration of neurons. (R)

Known for its powerful effects as a “brain tonic”, Lion’s Mane is said to have been used as a tea for thousands of years by Buddhist monks. To enhance brain power, and heighten their ability to focus during meditation.

Lion’s Mane is a powerful catalyst for brain cell regeneration helping improve memory and cognition.

The primary active compounds in Lion’s Mane are hericenones and erinacines. Hericenones help your brain produce more Nerve Growth Factor. And erinacines easily cross the blood-brain barrier to boost the production of neurons.

This mushroom, and the same chemicals in particular are also known for their ability to lower stress, inflammation and anxiety. Once again, this clears your mind & helps you focus better. 

So this mushroom boosts your brains ability to maintain, protect and create new connections and helps your body to deal with the stress & anxiety that is unavoidable in the current, busy world. It will relax your brain, so you can focus and get more done with less effort!

Now you might think this is the superpower you have been looking for?

Like all good thinks in life, this might take time. Mushrooms are there to restore you natural abilities. As natural supplements, this is not a take-one-pill solution. 

You may not experience the effects of supplementing with Lion’s Mane Mushroom immediately. For some it takes a few days, for some a month. But with continued use, many users report a boost in mood and mental energy. Others testify to improved decision-making, the ability to solve problems and learning.

As a natural supplement, it means you are not taking a loan from the future you. It is not an instant solution, but a real solution, meaning that it actually increases your natural abilities instead of a quick cheat. 

Try it now! You can have it in either capsules or powder form.

NB! Independent, third party test results now prove that our Lions Mane extract is the most potent product in the world, containing an unprecedented amount of the compounds researched for the mental benefits described in this article. If you are serious about self development and want to give this mushroom a try, then make sure you pick the best one!

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